Our Technology


Why LOGiiX?

We combine leading-edge tech with ergonomic design to create products for every user at an affordable price.

Top of the Line Charging Cables

We put a lot of thought into making our cables long lasting & high-tech. Ranging from innovative anti-stress housing, durable braided cables, fast-charging USB Power Delivery & more, we have a cable for every need.


Ultra-Fast Wall Chargers

Our Power Plus lineup takes extreme advantage of a new chip technology called Gallium Nitride. This allows us to make extremely fast charging power adapters is an super small size.


Lots of Power, On-the-Go

From ultra-compact 5000mAh power banks that fit into your pocket to 20,000mAh powerhouse's that can power up just about anything from your MacBook to your iPhone.


Innovative MagSafe Accessories

Going wireless has never been this easy! We don't just stop at wireless charging accessories, we've got MagSafe compatible mounts and more!


Travel at Ease!

Finding the right travel adapter and having to bring a bunch of tangled cables is the worst part travel! We've got a plethora of travel adapter that will help you with just that!


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