Living with the iPhone 15 | Is it worth it?

As the holiday's draw close and carriers start to bombard you with a plethora of enticing deals for phone plans with the iPhone 15 attached you might be wondering to yourself....

"Should I upgrade?" or "Is it really that much better than what i have now?"

Well a lot of people within our team have had the same question running through their mind as well. So we asked our resident Apple fan boy, Brett this exact question. Having received the phone upon launch he has had it for just about as long as anyone who isn't MKBHd could have it.

He listed some interesting opinions and feedback on the new iPhone along with a list of his favourite features. We have distilled his nerdy dribble and put it into easy to digest bits below.

The Good Stuff

Use Having upgraded from the iPhone 12 Pro, Brett found the new features of the iPhone 15 to be a pleasant surprise and a much needed upgrade from his aging iPhone 12 pro that was facing issues with battery life and reduced speed/functionality. Here's Brett's 4 favourite features! -

Battery Life

A big complaint Brett had with his iPhone 12 Pro was the lack lustre battery performance. With a larger battery and a more efficient chip, the iPhone's longevity has significantly improved in day-to-day use. Now, Brett can go from morning to night without encountering low battery warnings, offering a reassuring peace of mind.

The Camera

As someone who loves taking photos both on their professional camera and casually when out with friends and family, Brett found the iPhone 15's camera to be a huge improvement to his previous iPhone. The powerful 48MP main camera passed down from the iPhone 14 Pro, offers super-high-resolution shots up to 4x the previous model. The portrait mode enhancements promise sharper detail, vivid colors, and better low-light performance.

The Colour

As an Apple fan boy its rare to hear Brett talk about how any of the the previous iPhone's had less than amazing colour variants but this was the first time we heard him refer to the colour options for the iPhone 15 as a "really nice pastel-y light colours, especially the green one" going as far as to call them the best colour options for an iPhone in while!

Dynamic Island

Moving away from the rather ugly notch, Brett was excited, not just to get the additional real estate on his screen but also for the added functionality that the dynamic island provides. The Dynamic Island can display notifications for Apple Pay transactions, low battery warnings, AirDrop transfers, Apple Maps directions, incoming phone calls, music being played, SharePlay sessions, and screen recordings.

The Not so Good Stuff

Getting Brett to admit that there were any flaws at all in the iPhone 15 was difficult but upon deep reflection Brett was able to honestly give us his thoughts on what he wasn't a big fan of!

No Reverse Wireless Charging

While it was rumoured that the iPhone 15 would finally get reverse wireless charging (like the 3 generations of Android devices that have had it) Brett was disappointed that his iPhone 15 did not have any such feature. That being said, he did mention that it was nice that the new iPhone 15 was capable of wired reverse charging.


Not to sound like a broken record, but the iPhones just seem to keep getting more and more expensive. Despite being offered the option to split up the payment for a new iPhone over 24 months over $1000 CAD for a smartphone seems like a steep price point!