What is GaN? Why should you care?

We are sure by now you must have come across a slew of phone and laptop chargers that claim to have been built with GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. So what is GaN and why is it important enough to be pointed out on all these chargers?

The best way we can explain this without getting Bill Nye or Neil DeGrasse Tyson involved is by envisioning your phone charger as a pipe that allows electricity to flow from the wall socket to your phone's battery. Now, simply put GaN chargers are like better, more efficient pipes compared to regular chargers.

Here are all the ways in which GaN chargers are better:

Faster Charging

GaN chargers can transfer electricity to your devices far quicker than regular 12W chargers. It's like having a wider pipe that allows more water (in this case, electricity) to flow through at a faster rate. So, you can charge your devices in a shorter amount of time.

Smaller and Lighter

GaN chargers are also more compact and lightweight compared to regular chargers. Think of it as having a pipe that's made of lighter materials but still capable of handling the same amount of water. This makes GaN chargers more portable and convenient to carry around.

Why did the smartphone break up with its silicon chip charger and choose GaN instead?

It couldn't resist the electrifying chemistry between them .....ba dum tss.....

Energy Efficient

Regular chargers waste quite a lot of energy as heat when they convert electricity from the wall socket to a usable form to charge your devices. GaN chargers on the other hand are much more efficient, they can handle higher power levels without overheating. This efficiency also helps in reducing electricity bills and being more earth-friendly especially when charging a variety of devices!

Simply put...

GaN chargers are better than regular PD chargers because they are smaller & lighter for portability, waste less energy, and can handle higher power demands without overheating.