Qi2 | What is it? | Why do you need it?

Wireless Charging has become a part of everyday life and you must have heard of Qi wireless charging by now! Well Qi2 is Qi's bigger, faster and cooler big brother.

Qi2 is an upgraded version of the Qi wireless charging standard, developed by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Qi2 wireless charging is capable of offering enhanced power transfer, faster speeds, and optimized energy efficiency!



Qi wireless charging faced issues with energy wasted due to charging coil misalignments when placing devices on charging pad. Qi2 has fixed this issue with built-in magnets that allow for easy magnetic alignment and ensures error free alignment with charging coil every time!

Safety + Compatibility

While Qi technology was primarily for smartphones and other limited wearable. Qi2 has expanded its uses to include tablets, laptops, and advanced wearables too! This isn't all, Qi2 Incorporates advanced safety measures like improved heat management and precise foreign object detection.

Charging Speed

While wireless charging speeds for Qi typically range from 5W to 15W, leading to longer charging time. Qi 2 Supports higher wattages, ensuring faster charging even for devices with larger batteries.

Smart Adaptive Charging

Qi wireless charging was limited to a few fixed power outputs, not always ideal for users with a variety of devices. Qi2 has improved upon this and features adaptive charging, detecting device requirements and adjusting power output for safety and efficiency.

In a nutshell the advantages of Qi2 are..

Consistent Charging: Magnetic Alignment ensures an optimal charging position consistently.

Broader Compatibility: Suitable for various devices, fostering a cohesive wireless charging ecosystem.

Smart Device Communication: Enables personalized charging cycles for battery optimization.

Adaptive Efficiency: Adjusts power output for device needs, prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly: Minimizes energy wastage and reduces reliance on charging cords, promoting sustainability.

What's the difference between Qi2 and MagSafe?

After reading everything we just wrote I am sure you are thinking.. isn't this just MagSafe? Well so did we but there are some differences.

Firstly the similarities - Both MagSafe and Qi2 use strong magnet arrays built into chargers to provide an uninterrupted and efficient way to wirelessly charge smartphones. They both are capable of faster charging speeds than standard Qi.

Now the differences - While MagSafe is currently maxed out at 15W, Qi2 has plans to support even faster charging speeds and higher wattage in the future. The most obvious difference between MagSafe and Qi2 is that, unlike Apple's proprietary MagSafe that can only charge at 15W for iPhones only, Qi2 is open to all device manufacturers as an industry standard. Qi2 will be compatible with a variety of different smartphone brands and operating systems.