I keep seeing USB PD.. What is it?

Hate slow charging speeds, like ultra-fast charging or don’t really care about either of those but want to have the latest in charging technology like the cool kids?

What is USB PD & why should I care?

Well USB Power Delivery or as its more commonly known USB PD technology utilizes USB-C to charge more quickly and efficiently. Unlike the USB-A cables of yesteryear, USB-C Power Delivery cables are capable of fast charging devices at a much higher rates than possible previously, thus making them more versatile for charging everything from your iPhone and AirPods to your iPad and MacBook Pro!

Watt's that all about?

We're going to be using Watts or W in this blog. To be honest, it's just easier to understand it as -
W or Watts increase = Faster Charging!

So how much faster is it really?

USB Power Delivery can power your device at up to 100W, allowing for a wide range of devices to be charged over USB Type-C. Your standard USB-A charger that comes standard with most devices can only really charge at up to 12W (real….real….slow). To help put this into terms us humans can understand, a regular USB-A charger would take over an hour and a half to charge your iPhone up to 72% but a USB Power Delivery charger would take only 45mins to accomplish the same feat!

To keep it simple USB PD is the answer to all your power needs! A single USB PD charger can be used to charge a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device, all at the same time, like our Power Plus 100 XL or Power Plus 65 XL.

So it's just faster charging..right?

Well, you are kinda right but there is more to USB Power Delivery than just charging speed.

One cool perk we almost forgot to mention is that USB PD supports bidirectional power flow. Simply put, you could technically plug in just one cable from your laptop to your monitor and pass through not just power from the monitor to your laptop but also transfer video/audio to your monitor from your laptop at the same time!