What is MagSafe?

With how much Apple has been pushing MagSafe in the past few years we're sure you're wondering, what is MagSafe even!?

What the heck is MagSafe?!

MagSafe is a proprietary wireless charging technology launched by Apple for the iPhone in 2020. Crafted with layers of magnets and a charging coil this technology allows for the use of magnetic accessories, such as chargers, cases and wallets, that can be easily attached and detached from the back of the iPhone without having to use a physical port. This comes in handy when you think back to the days when you’d have to tape up your last functioning cable and hold it at a 122.5-degree angle to get it to charge!

Say Watt?!

With how much Apple has been pushing MagSafe in the past few years we're sure you're wondering

Wireless charging? I bet it's gonna be slow

As of now MagSafe for iPhone supports wireless charging at a maximum of 15W, considerably faster than the standard 5W wired charging that came standard as part of previous iPhone models. However, to take the most advantage of fast wireless charging speeds, you will need to use an Apple-certified MagSafe charger, as well as a MagSafe-compatible iPhone case. Unfortunately, Non-Apple-certified MagSafe chargers can only charge an iPhone at a max speed of 7.5W.

Hmm...Should I go all in on MagSafe?

Well to start, it gets rid of the mess of wires that lives on our nightstands and under our desks! The MagSafe functionality also allows you to avoid the dreaded “cable snag”, no longer will you accidentally drag your phone with you or worse drop it when you accidentally snag the charging cable while walking past. The magnets, while enough to keep your iPhone attached during charging, simply detach when pulled firmly saving your phone from a drop.

Finally, MagSafe isn’t just for charging, it also allows you to attach other MagSafe accessories like wallets and pop sockets or other mounts!

Can my iPhone 8 or iPhone X use MagSafe?

The short answer is unfortunately Nope. While starting with iPhone 7 Apple introduced wireless charging, which is not the same as MagSafe.

From iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Series come with built-in wireless charging and most will work with a MagSafe charger, these phones lack the built-in magnets that enable MagSafe accessories to stick to the newer iPhones. If you are committed to using MagSafe accessories with your iPhone 7-11 series device, you can find adhesive magnetic (metal) rings that you can stick onto to the back of your device to make your iPhone MagSafe compatible.