What makes a stylus....smart?

A smart pencil, also known as a digital stylus or smart stylus, is a high-tech device designed for use with touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones. It is essentially a stylus that allows for more precise input on a touch-sensitive screen but features additional features that enhance its functionality.

So just a fancy stylus?

Well kind of..... unlike a regular stylus smart styluses come equipped with sensors that enable precise pressure and tilt sensitivity, allowing for natural and precise input when drawing or writing on a tablet. It can detect various levels of pressure, enabling users to create lines of varying thickness and opacity. The tilt sensitivity allows for shading and other artistic effects by tilting the pencil at different angles.

Some smart styluses also feature a magnetic charging option to recharge their battery, and it offers long battery life for extended use.

Sounds familiar.....

The most popular smart stylus on the market right now is the Apple Pencil! The Apple Pencil's advanced features and compatibility with Apple's iPad make it a popular and widely used smart stylus for digital drawing, note-taking, and other creative tasks.

Which one is the best?

While the Apple Pencil is $164 before taxes there are great options that don't break the bank too! We have our very own best-selling LOGiiX Precision Pencil and Precision Pencil ll at just $79.99! We also have two more smart stylus' launching soon!