USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter

SKU: LGX-13101
$89.99 CAD $99.99

Color: Graphite Grey

6-in-1 multiport adapter for USB Type-C devices

The LOGiiX USB Type-C to Multiport adapter features a single HDMI (4K), 2 USB-A ports, single USB Type-C port with 100W pass through along with Micro SD and SD ports. Connect your computer to HD displays, TVs, projectors and monitors while maintaining 4k resolution, as well as sync and charge smartphones, tablets and other devices through the USB-A or USB Type-C port.


  • Provides 4 external ports to your USB Type-C device
  • Includes a USB Type-C port, HDMI port, and USB-A port
  • Plug into displays, televisions, projectors and monitors at 4k


This adapter is compatible with most USB Type-C devices, such as MacBook, MacBook Air (late 2018) and MacBook Pro.


Technical Specifications

  • Resolution supported – 4K
  • Dimensions – 4.14x1.01x2.72 inches
  • Weight – 128g
  • Length – 17.7cm


What is the LOGiiX 1-year limited warranty?
This  adapter is covered by our 1-year limited warranty so you can be rest assured that your cable will withstand normal use. Click here for terms and conditions.

Is the USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter compatible with backwards charging?

Unfortunately, the USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter is not compatible with backwards charging

Can I plug in 2 monitors through this adapter simultaneously, using an USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter?
Unfortunately, the Multiport adapter only allows you to use one output at a time for video out.

What should I do if my LOGiiX USB Type-C to Multiport Adapter isn’t transferring data?

Try to disconnect the adapter from the device it is connected to and attempt to use the adapter with another device. If the issue continues to persist after this, please email us at



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