From our home to yours

Designed in Vancouver, Canada

It started with a problem

In 2005, our tech company emerged with a mission: to inject vibrancy into the tech landscape. We infused creativity into every product, crafting colorful innovations that captivated users and redefined the notion of engaging technology.

We worked & learned the hard way

Our tech company's journey was forged through trial and error, learning invaluable lessons from setbacks. We embraced challenges, iterated tirelessly, and fostered a culture of resilience. Each obstacle became a stepping stone, propelling us forward with newfound wisdom and determination, ultimately sculpting our success from the crucible of experience.

Thinking ahead

Fueled by a commitment to convenience, sustainability, and user-centric design, our tech company envisions an evolution where seamless integration enhances daily life. Embracing sustainable practices, we aim to redefine convenience, delivering innovative solutions that prioritize user experience while harmonizing with the planet's needs, forging a brighter future for all.

Meet the team



Despite his title, Karim was not voted into his position. Instead, he created the company in 2005 with a simple vision: fill the gap in the market, offer more, offer better. Karim works tirelessly to deliver the best tech accessory brand in Canada.

When Karim isn't working, somehow, he is still working.


Director — Product & Brand

Our fearless leader, Harsh is the face of LOGiiX. He works tirelessly to ensure we bring our product to as many customers as possible, while maintaining our strict standards across the brand.

He doesn't give his team much time to work on copy, so we don't know what he does after hours. Maybe he fishes. Who knows?


Senior Graphic Designer

Brett's role includes creating all visual collateral alongside the design team. From everything from packaging to user experience, Brett has a hand in it all.

Outside of the office, Brett is a full time husband, father & owner of 3 dogs, so he doesn't have any hobbies.


Graphic Designer

As a part of the design team, Kristy creates the packaging & collateral for our end consumers, as well as works directly with the marketing team to design some amazing visuals.

When she's not in the bar, you can catch Kristy at her local tattoo shop getting inked, again.


Marketing Specialist

Shub runs everything behind the scenes of LOGiiX, from marketing plans, collateral needed for our campaigns, & stellar customer service.

When he's not at work, you can find Shub under the hood of his car or premium bubble tea in Richmond.


Product Development Associate

Jacks responsible for knowing everything there is to know about our products and our brand. He works tirelessly on his excel sheets, making them the best, and ugliest, sheets in the company.

Jack loves to bird watch, and you can find him often around Stanley Park with a pair of binoculars.


Supply Chain & Product Development Specialist

Lily monitors and communicates with our at home teams & overseas to ensure smooth operations and shipments.

In her free time you can find her lost in a book or catching up on some Z's.


Product Development Specialist

Zain ensures our projects run like a well-oiled machine from start to finish. Keeping things on track and bringing out the best in every endeavour.

You’ll often find him racing through city streets on his bike, or eagerly following the thrilling world of F1.