Piston Connect Braid ( 2 Pack)

SKU: LGX-13349
$49.99 CAD

Color: White

The perfect pair of ultra-durable cables that give you the freedom to charge all your devices.

The LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) offers you a pair of braided 1.2M (~3.93 ft) long cables that feature dual sync and charge functionality along with stress-relieving reinforced connectors to prevent fraying and breaking. Available in both USB-C to USB-C & USB-C to Lightning, these braided cables allow you to charge your devices up to 3x faster compared to standard charging. The Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) can be used with both Android and Apple devices.


  • 1.2M long cable
  • Dual sync and charge functionality
  • Convenient 2-pack ( 2X USB-C to USB-C cable | 2 x USB-C to Lightning cable )
  • Stress-relieving connectors
  • Charge up to 3 times faster

Technical Specifications

    • Material – Nylon Braid
    • Length– 1.2 metre
    • Output - 5v/2.4A
    • Input - 5v/2.4A


    What is the LOGiiX 1-year limited warranty?

    The LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) is covered by our 1-year limited warranty so you can rest assured that your cables will withstand normal useClick here for terms and conditions

    Is the LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) MFI certified?
    Yes, all our Lightning cables are MFI certified and will work with the latest Apple devices.

    What is the length of the LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack)?
    The LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) is 1.2 metres or approx. 3.93 feet long.

    What should I do if my LOGiiX Piston Connect Braid (2-Pack) cable isn’t charging or transferring data?
    Try to disconnect the cable from the power source or device it is connected to and attempt to use the cable with another device. If the issue continues to persist after this, please email us at customerservice@logiix.ca.

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